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See what others have to say about the Ferrier Coupler

"Above knee amputees find this unit invaluable for getting in and out of automobiles."
- Bruce Vladeck, Ph.D.

"The Ferrier Coupler has changed dramatically the way I manage my life."
- Joel Ashe, A.K., Boca Raton, FL

"Many of our patients whom we have used (the Coupler) on find it a necessity."
- Morgan Prosthetics-Orthotics

"Having several legs to walk on, changing them to my usual socket and frame is very convenient."
- Christopher Carpenter, Prosthetist Assistant

"As a disabled, multi-sport athlete, the Ferrier Coupler has allowed me to compete on a much more level playing field."
- Luis Alicea, Paralympic and World Champion Swimmer

"It's a very effective device for interchange of knees or feet without removing the socket... and with excellent response from the patient."
- Shahr Lopatin, C.P., Sunny Hills Orthopedics